Balsam Fir Therapeutic Grade™ Essential Oil ~ Idaho

Balsam Fir Essential OilIdaho Balsam Fir Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil (Abies balsamea) is unique and exclusive to Young Living Essential Oils and is harvested yearly from Bonner's Ferry, our farm in northern Idaho.

Balsam fir looks much like a beautiful conifer tree—similar to something you would decorate during the Christmas season. At the balsam fir winter harvest in northern Idaho, the entire tree is cut and delicately distilled. At the balsam fir winter harvest, Gary Young personally selects each balsam fir tree and oversees the entire harvest and distillation process. What better way to ensure maximum purity and potency (read more about the Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ standard) than having one of the world’s leading distillation experts present? During the past few harvest seasons, Gary has also invited Young Living members to participate in this unique event. Watch for upcoming information on how you can join Young Living for the 2010 Idaho Balsam Fir harvest!

Idaho Balsam Fir Harvest at Young Living's St. Maries FarmHistorical Data: The natural plant constituents in balsam fir essential oil have historically been prized through the ages for its medicinal effects and it has been used for a variety of issues, from supporting respiratory function to easing muscular and joint discomfort. To use balsam fir for respiratory support, simply inhale straight from the bottle or include a few drops in a Young Living diffuser—the fresh pine scent is very grounding and relaxing. Balsam fir can also be beneficial as part of a therapeutic massage. To use, mix one part balsam fir with one part Young Living V-6™ Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex and massage onto trouble spots. The primary natural plant constituents absorbed through the skin are alpha-pinene, beta pinene, camphene, and limonene. When used together, these key constituents can work to soothe localized muscular discomfort.

Whether you want to soothe tired muscles or need some extra winter respiratory support, reach for the natural relief of balsam fir essential oil—available in 5 and 15 ml bottles.

Bible References to Balsam Fir Essential Oil:

Key Molecules of Balsam Fir Essential Oil:
Alpha-Pinene — 28-49%
Beta Pinene — 14-24%
Camphene — 13-20%
Limonene — 13-20%

Published Research on Balsam Fir Essential Oil:
HerbClip: A Case Report Describing the Use of Essential Oil Diffusion for Child's Respiratory Illness ~ Hedayat KM. Essential oil diffusion for the treatment of persistent oxygen dependence in a three-year-old child with restrictive lung disease with respiratory syncytial virus pneumonia. Explore. 2008;4(4): 264-266. Essential oils are volatile liquids that readily enter the tracheobronchial tree by passive inhalation. Such oils have demonstrated properties that may suggest novel treatment approaches to respiratory disease... The balsam fir (Abies balsamea) is reputed to have strong antimicrobial action, particularly with regard to pulmonary infections. This case review presents a three-year-old female with central core myopathy, restrictive lung disease, and scoliosis. The child was admitted to the hospital for respiratory syncytial virus, pneumonia, and acute respiratory distress. She had an 18-day history of oxygen requirement, with acute desaturation episodes, even while receiving high-flow oxygen and mucolytic therapy. On the eighth day of the hospitalization, the previous treatments were discontinued and an essential oil mixture consisting of spike lavender, Spanish marjoram, balsam fir, and peppermint was nebulized at the parents' request. Three drops were applied to a fibrous filter inserted into the base of a fan diffuser, and the mixture was diffused every six hours into the room for passive inhalation. Within 12 hours, oxygen requirement was reduced, blood oxygen saturation increased, and desaturation episodes abated. On the second day of oil use (tenth day of hospitalization), the child was weaned of the oxygen and discharged home.

HerbClip: Historical Use of Arginine for Scurvy communis ~ In nitrogen N poor forest soils lacking fertilizer arginine is the main source of N for boreal conifers Fir Abies spp spruce and pine Pinus spp needles have 2 5 to 8 8 mg protein 100 g fresh weight.

Balsam Fir is an ingedient in Young Living's Deep Relief Roll-OnBalsam Fir can be used for the following Wellness Solutions: supports the circulatory system, balances the respiratory, muscular and circulatory systems, boosting stamina and energy. Balsam Fir also helps to clear urinary tract infections and can be used in Raindrop Technique for spine issues such as scoliosis, lumbago and sciatica.

Fragrance: grounding, stimulating to the mind and relaxing to the body.

Found In: Believe™, Deep Relief™ Roll-On, Egyptian Gold™, En-R-Gee™, Gratitude™, Grounding™, Into The Future™, Sacred Mountain™, and Transformation™.

Item No.: 3316 ~ 15 mlEarthKosher Certified
Pricing: Distributor $59.75 / Retail $78.62 / PV 59.75

Item No.: 3314 ~ 5 ml
Pricing: Distributor $24.75 / Retail $32.57 / PV 24.75

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The Young Living 2011 Balsam Fir Reforestation Project

One of the reasons why I love Young Living is that Gary Young makes sure to give back to nature as well as all of us who are distributors, by giving us the opportunity to plant lavender, melissa and other plants, as well as this wonderful opportunity to plant Balsam Fir trees!

Balsam Fir TreesThis year's Balsam Fir Harvest in northern Idaho was a huge success, but that was only the beginning. Now it's time for our reforestation project to go into action! To ensure that the ground is ready for planting, Gary has changed the dates for this event.

The new dates are April 17—April 29.

All Young Living distributors who would like to join Gary Young are invited to return to our Idaho tree farm to help him replant 17 acres with 10,000 balsam fir trees.

We are building a new camp for this event – complete with a dormitory and mess hall made of military hospital tents. Attendees will be responsible for airfare to and from Spokane, Washington; Young Living will provide shuttles to and from the airport and camp and will also provide three meals per day.

There is still time to be part of this exciting and gratifying experience. Please send an e-mail to, and a Young Living staff member will contact you with complete details.

Registration will close on March 28.

Take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of this inspiring event!

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I am available to teach classes locally in the Central Florida area and am a former Nationally Certified Massage Therapist with over 12 years of experience, trained in Aromatherapy Massage, Raindrop Technique and Emotional Release with Young Living Aromatherapy Essential Oils through C.A.R.E. as well as workshops with Gary Young and Cherie Ross. I work out of my home in Winter Park, FL and am available by appointment, so please call now: 407.399.8562.

I highly suggest educating yourself about the truth of essential oils by purchasing the Essential Oil Desk Reference book which contains a wealth of information on all of our products including details on each oil and what oils to use for specific situations.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Don't expect the same results unless you are using Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ Essential Oils and supplements. Also each person is unique and different in chemistry and toxicity levels, as well as emotionally and spiritually, so an oil that is suggested for an issue may not work as well as another. If a change is not apparent within three minutes, try another oil.