Aroma Life™ Essential Oil Blend from Young Living Essential Oils

Aroma Life Essential Oil BlendAroma Life™ Essential Oil Blend combines the harmonizing effects of ylang ylang with known powerhouses cypress, helichrysum, and marjoram. Pulsing with life, this vibrant blend of essential oils energizes your life force. Aroma Life™ is best applied over heart energy – front and/or back.

Wellness Solutions: Balances cardiovascular, lymphatic, and circulatory systems; reduces stress.


Applications: For topical use, apply 4 drops on location (heart, abdomen, on the hand under the ring finger and above the elbow or in conjunction with Raindrop Technique) as needed. Diffuse, directly inhale, or add 2-4 drops to bath water. Apply 1-2 drops over heart and long spine from first to fourth thoracic vertebrae (which correspond to the cardiopulmonary nerves). Dilute 1:15 with vegetable oil [I prefer organic oils so that chemicals do not interact with the essential oil and waste energy] or our V-6 Oil Complex for a full body massage.

Item No.: 3306 ~ 15 mlEarthKosher Certified
Pricing: Distributor $43.25 / Retail $56.91 / PV 43.25

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Excerpt on Aroma Life™ Essential Oil Blend from Training CD #66, Oil Blends for Emotional Health with Gary Young:

Aroma Life™ Oxygenates Blood

Aroma Life™ – Alpha pinene is the primary compound in Aroma Life™, which is a great oxygenator for the blood. It's a great stimulator for the immune system. Cypress, delta three carnine 11%. Cypress is your oil for vascularity. It's the oil for increasing blood circulation and lymph circulation. Cypress oil is also a good companion for pulling excess fluid out of the body.

Marjoram, turpinine floral is really important as an anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic compound. Marjoram is the oil for muscles; it helps to relax muscles; it helps to alleviate paralysis and spasms in the muscle. Marjoram is specific for smooth muscle tissue regeneration. That's why I put it in this blend for the heart because you have to have good circulation. You've got to be able to regenerate that heart tissue. Aroma Life is acceptable to take in capsule form as food supplement.

Helichrysum, lineolol. Helichrysum is the oil that does the chelation and is very powerful in the respect that it goes after hardened plaque, but very specific on metal and chemical toxicity. Ylang Ylang is a balancer of heart energy and also works on hormones in the body. Ylang Ylang is very specific of epinephrine secretion and that's really important from the adrenal cortex of the adrenal glands because epinephrine is the hormone that you secrete in your body during a workout or strenuous exercise that you need to give you that feeling of excitement.

More Benefits of Ylang Ylang

That's where it comes when you get the burning in your bosom and in your heart. That's a combination from the pineal gland and adrenal cortex getting a shot of epinephrine and neuroepinephrine.

You look here at Ylang Ylang and it has esters. It's calming, but they are very small at 5%. Sequiterpenes are pretty high. It has phenols which phenols are the highest compound in oils in its makeup of oxygen, and then you have your methylester phenols also. It's very, very high. It's antispasmodic, it works on the equilibrium and it's a sexual tonic, as well as anti-diabetic (very beneficial for diabetics) and balancing insulin production and glucose secretion from the pancreas. It works on the heart for tachycardia and hypertension in the arteries because of the calming effect that it has here in oxygen dilation and carrying capacity.

Sexual frigidity –I have not had an experience with that. I can tell you that I have had a lot of women report to me that when they wear it their husbands bother them like an old stallion in the pasture! So you might to either hide it or put it on; I'm not sure which! Experiment with it and see, but it is a very beautiful oil and it does stimulate the adrenal cortex and the adrenal glands are the ones that kick into motion when you are sexually excited. Again, I won't speak of it as an aphrodisiac because I don't see that experience.

Diabetes and Insulin Secretion

Diabetes – again, in regulating glycogen production and balancing insulin secretion. Whenever there is a blood sugar fluctuation in the body, it taxes the heart and so I put this blend together so it will balance pancreas, it balances adrenal glands and for supporting heart function and blood circulation. Helichrysum also is a natural hemostat in regulating blood. If the blood is thin, it will thicken it; if it's thick it will make it thinner. It's a natural hemostat, dual action, so it's a perfect formula for the heart.

Experiences with AromaLife

Most people just apply it topically. I had an experience with a gentleman back in 1991 in Kansas City whom a distributor brought to me. He was on oxygen; his blood pressure was 220/160 and he was going in for a triple bypass in seven days. He was just a walking time bomb. The distributor brought his doctor with him and I worked on him with Aroma Life™ and added Helichrysum as a single oil to him. I worked on him topically only and in 30 minutes his blood pressure was down to 180/90 and his blood pressure continued to drop over the next three days until it was down to 120/80 and stayed there for five months just from one application before it started back up again. This was the part that was the most disgusting of the whole thing: He had that experience. It saved his life; it bought him five months and could have prevented him from having surgery, but he said the oils cost too much money... and after six months he went in and had a triple bypass! Now you understand why I don't practice anymore!

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Young Living Essential Oils creates wellness, purpose and abundance every day! Please use my Distributor #534462 as your Sponsor and Enroller ~ I am here to assist you in every way!

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I am available to teach classes locally in the Central Florida area and am a former Nationally Certified Massage Therapist with over 12 years of experience, trained in Aromatherapy Massage, Raindrop Technique and Emotional Release with Young Living Aromatherapy Essential Oils through C.A.R.E. as well as workshops with Gary Young and Cherie Ross. I work out of my home in Winter Park, FL and am available by appointment, so please call now: 407.399.8562.

I highly suggest educating yourself about the truth of essential oils by purchasing the Essential Oil Desk Reference book which contains a wealth of information on all of our products including details on each oil and what oils to use for specific situations.

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